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The Honeymoon – Our long-awaited getaway

Finally!!!! You are married! Now it’s time to go on your honeymoon! Oh wait, you didn’t really plan one and all the money was used to plan the wedding. P.S a wedding-night stay at the hotel is not a honeymoon unless you say so.

So let’s backtrack, You are engaged! Now let’s make a list of things to take care of including the HONEYMOON. Culture makes us believe that honeymoons are important and I have to agree because weddings are stressful no matter how small or simple they are. Uniting, organizing and accommodating two families with different beliefs and personalities is no joke and anyone who goes through the process needs to get away somehow! However, a honeymoon does not mean cause a dent in your finances, it does not have to start the day after your wedding, it does not always have to be in another country and honestly, you don’t have to go, but you should!

Basically, you are planning a relaxing getaway/escape for you and your love after stressing for a year and more to plan your perfect wedding. When you think about it that way, you can see how necessary it is to include it in your wedding planning and not wait until after the wedding to plan it. You can also ask your wedding planner to work on it for you and they happily will. Some people have the time off from work to go right after the wedding others may not have that option so it can be rescheduled a few weeks or months later which is totally fine.


As a couple, you can create a cash registry on your website which allows your guests who want to gift you to give money instead of the traditional gifts (especially couples who have already furnished their marital homes) and use it towards the honeymoon or however you want to. That fund could go towards your expenses during the getaway and for those who will plan it later, the money can go towards it or towards other things. And this goes back to the point that honeymoons are not mandatory but its needed, a calming way to begin life as newly married, a break from your busy work life and family, and a perfect way to have your love for yourself away from everyone.

The point is your honeymoon shouldn't be the last on your list of things to do. So pick a city, state, island or country you want to visit, plan a getaway you can afford at the time and make the time worthwhile because there is no manual to follow, it’s all about enjoying each other’s company without any interruptions even if it’s in your living room lol.

DISCLAIMER: It’s your day, your choice, this is just my ✌🏾cents from experience and being a boss planner :)

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