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Before we say we do, first lets get counseling!

Actualizado: 26 de sep de 2019

Can you imagine buying a bowl of ice-cream, bringing it home only to realize its peanut butter? How disappointed/annoyed will you be? If you are like me then you will be returning it immediately for your money. No questions asked!! Well unfortunately, some things can't be returned eg: your spouse, no matter how 'peanut butter' they are, hence the need for counseling.

As I have always pointed out, there is no manual for planning your wedding or life after the wedding but a very necessary step every couple should take is seeking pre-marital counseling. SIDE NOTE: loving each other deeply does not exempt you from problems.

Pre marital counseling does not mean your marriage will be perfect, it just means you are better equipped to handle certain things that come up. If you have a religious background most Ministers/Officiants will ask and offer before they bless your marriage. However, if you don't find yourself being religious make an effort to find a qualified/certified pre-marital counselor even if its for a few sessions, its important. You will learn very quickly that you can't CHANGE your significant other and thats that. For example; he tells you he doesn't clean dishes or she tells you she takes 1.5 hours shower lolol. This is where counseling comes in to help you put together the disconnected puzzle before you say I do, so that you don't constantly get mad at your significant other for things they told you about and other surprises.

The expert will guide, recommend books to read, exercises to do together as a couple and health screenings that will answer some, if not all your marital questions. Maybe you are thinking, well let me pick the venue because these places get booked fast, then I can talk to the pastor or counselor person. Its a choice, purely your decision. But what if you find out at counseling that your significant other didn't really like the venue but only agreed because you wanted it? or even worse, you postpone or call off the wedding for reasons beyond your control? what do you do when you you can't get that money back? IDK, counselor, HELP!

So the point is get pre-marital counseling before the I do's because you really cannot send your significant other back even when they taste like peanut butter! With counseling you can deal with them better and they may just begin to taste like ice-cream!!!

DISCLAIMER: It’s your day, your choice, this is just my ✌🏾cents from experience and being a boss planner :)

-The Boss Planner